1. A Convertible SME Bond

A convertible SME Bond is a debt/equity hybrid instrument that provides a simple and cost-effective way to raise between $10,000 to $50,000 to fund an equity-based crowdfunding campaign (or for any other legitimate business purpose). These SME Bonds are negotiated by private treaty, one-on-one between the entrepreneur and an early adopter or supporter with usually no more than a single bond certificate being issued. CLICK HERE to build a startup bond.

2. Create a Share Capital Structure

The next important step in an equity-based crowdfunding campaign is to determine an appropriate share capital structure and funding strategy for your enterprise. By answering a few simple questions this will help you determine the share capital (currency) structure of your enterprise moving forward – with particular attention given to the founder’s share (stock) holdings. Create your Share Capital Structure.

3. Build your Offer Document

Once you have finalised the share capital structure of your enterprise, it's now time to start building your Investment Offer Document (IOD). We can get your IOD off to a great start by merging all the numbers from your finalised share capital structure, into a template offer document. The template IOD will provide a solid guide in terms of structure, form and layout, leaving you to simply add the material content.  To get your IOD, started, CLICK HERE.